Friday, April 24, 2015


      My career has been rejuvenated at WPES this year. That doesn't mean I disliked my job in D98, but as the teachers know who still work there, there are a lot of expectations that I doubt even Superman could live up to. We've got quite a few expectations out in Rockton these days as well. Growth assessments, PARCC state assessments, individualized student plans, district assessments, behavior intervention plans, incentive parties, Aimsweb, the list go on. Meanwhile we are all expected to put on a friendly face, act as if we aren't overwhelmed and "roll with it." 
      Scott makes it easy to roll with it. Scott is my principal. He always has your back. He won't kill you when you royally screw up, even when it makes him look bad. He'll listen when you have to just plain bitch because you don't think anyone else will understand the frustrations you have. He'll step in between you and a parent and take the weight off your shoulders. 
      I find Grace in knowing Scott. I was honest about my diagnosis of ALS with Scott before I was honest with some of my family members. He brought me in to a close knit community that I at first didn't feel worthy to be a part of. He let me park where I wanted, pimped out the restroom, spoke to board members about accessibility, the man had and still has my back. He helped me feel accepted when I felt like an outcast. Encouraged me when I felt low. He helps keep the normalcy that I greatly seek in all of this as I mentioned in my last post.
      I find Grace in knowing that I have him as a warrior in this battle.


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