Monday, April 6, 2015

Gronks, 1, Socks, 0

      Today was laundry day, meaning all my Puma socks were in the hamper and the only socks I had left were the long black ones. This would be no big deal if my toes moved like everyone else's, if my ankles moved up and down when I told them to, but they don't. My feet move like a limp chew toy Wrigley tosses about in the living room. 
      So there I am, staring down those stupid socks like Ahab taking on Moby Dick, Seinfeld vs Newman, The Roadrunner vs The Coyote, or Ron Burgandy vs Wes Mantooth. Without any hesitation I grab the left one and wrangle it over my left toes, I start with my left foot because it still follows my commands more often and twist that thing over my heel making sure the heel pad goes where it's supposed to even though now it's on top of my foot. After some big deep breaths, relaxing thoughts, I grab the right sock, sling my right leg up on my lap and begin the fight. My foot is sweaty for some reason this morning making things a bit more difficult. Again, my toes don't move and my ankle doesn't move when I want them to. I challenge you to put a sock on when neither of these body parts cooperates. Back to the fight. I grunt, I curse a little bit as I yank that sock over my sweaty toes, the elastic isn't doing what it's supposed to as I reach my heel, my big toe is stuck so I've got to double back and untangle it. One more big breath out, and it's up. It was a stressful 4 minutes. 4 minutes isn't a long time to eat a sandwich, play Trivia Crack, but it is when you're putting on socks. 
      I definitely don't enjoy how much longer it takes everyday to get ready for work, but I remind myself that I am still able to get ready on my own and I am still able to go to a kick ass job everyday. I find Grace in being able to wear all my badass shoes again that I wasn't able to wear when I was "walking." Now in the wheelchair I can break out my Adidas, my Sperry's, my canvas kicks. Small victories, man, small victories. 

      Writing this blog means a lot to me and I thank you guys for all your kind and uplifting words. I'm glad you enjoy reading my writing. Stay tuned.



  1. Kris keep it going we are all reading and taking it in

  2. Kris-Tete is Maria McCarthy