Tuesday, April 14, 2015

God Rocks My Socks

      I started this morning by pulling a shirt out from the back of the closet. I hadn't worn it all school year, but for some reason the shirt was calling to me. This shirt gave me a hard time. The buttons were like stringing a needle with a hair, every button was harder than the next. This could be because the shirt sucks, my theory, or it could be that I don't have the finger dexterity I used to. Either way, it was an annoying start. Then, I started putting my shoes on. All was well, no ninja moves needed to get the socks on, both shoes on, went to tie them but I forgot to put on my wheelchair brakes. The physics behind what I did are baffling, but I managed to launch myself head first into the closet, thankfully into Michelle's large collection of shoes to break my fall. I was a freaking mess dude, I'm face first in a pile of shoes, cursing like a sailor, when God intervenes, gives Michelle the super strength she needs to help lift me back up and into the wheelchair and off we go to school. 
      People ask me how can I keep my faith in God when he is letting such a shitty thing happen to me? I've got many thoughts on just how inaccurate this question is in itself, but I let them know that I'm not always on speaking terms with the guy upstairs. I've flipped him the bird and yelled things at him that if my Grandma heard me she'd hit me. But even after that, God fires love at me in such monumental ways that there's just no arguing that praising him even in hard times is the thing to do.
      Co-workers at WPES kicked off a GoFundMe page to help me reach a money goal that would help us buy a wheelchair accessible van that I could drive even in my wheelchair. These gifts will give me a chunk of my independence back that I lost and take a burden off of Michelle. The GoFundMe page hasn't even been up for a day and you guys have already blown away what I could have hoped for. God's love has poured over me through your kind words, hilarious jokes, memories that had slipped my mind until today, my face hurts because I've been smiling so much. The money being raised on this site is truly awesome, but the love that is being poured out, and me knowing that I have this ARMY of supporters behind me makes me freaking extatic and humbled all at the same time. 
      Better believe I will be giving the glory up to God this evening before I go to sleep. Pray about everything, worry about nothing. 

                                                                                                                         I love you guys,

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