Tuesday, June 23, 2015


      Which one do you want to hear about first? The fight in middle school where I threw a kid into a locker for saying something stupid about my little sister? The one at the track meet where a guy in my relay team was being bullied incessantly and I couldn't take it anymore so I threw a haymaker at a guy 2x my size and ended up getting a busted up jaw? Or the many punches I threw in college when people got out of line around the people I called family? Some of those I won't get into details about because I don't know what the statute of limitations are. I'm not new to fights. 
      I was lucky enough to get some years in with my dad before things got hazy for him. He was able to pass along advice to me, advice that I still wear with honor today. Sometimes fighting is necessary. Don't fight for sport, or because you disagree, but when you're backed into a corner or the people you love are being hurt, fight.
      I'm fighting day in and day out for my life here. Anyone reading this knows the hardships I face on a daily basis. That's life now and I've accepted that. What I haven't accepted is the lack of support we get on a state and federal level. We patients with ALS (pals) get fed sappy story bullshit without enough follow through. People who can do something to improve our lives or even save them don't, and need to get their asses in gear. I also don't accept the "handicap accessible" culture we currently live in. I frequently deal with the hassle of community locations still having stairs, or faulty ramps, tiny hallways or dickheads using the wheelchair stalls when others are available. I've reached my tipping point, I feel backed into the corner, and I have an army that I know will stand and fight with me. I ask that you fight back for  me and for others that can't fight. Call and email state and federal reps and demand better services for pals. If that's intimidating at least fight back when you go to a business, restaurant or bar if the location is inaccessible, or looks like a place I'd struggle in, speak up to the person in charge. Fight, fight, fight. I'll have your back.

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