Thursday, July 2, 2015


      People handle their time in different ways. The type A's of the world make sure their to-do lists are filled and there is always a plan. The procrastinators of the world always delay, delay, delay. I find that I fall somewhere in the middle. In grad school I would always put off work until the last second and then cram and that worked out well for me. When the weekend rolls around though I want plans, I don't want a moment of freedom to go to waste.
      Now that I know that I have ALS I see time in a whole new way. As I've said before in blog posts, life is finite. When we say, "how am I going to spend my time?" We need to remember that we really have no idea how much time we have, nor is it "ours." It's on loan from God to us and we're to make it as meaningful as possible in the amount we are allotted. 
      It's summer vacation, perks of being a teacher, and having all this time has been both a blessing and a curse. I've already had some impeccable times with friends and family, and been on adventures with more to come in the upcoming weeks. But I've also spent a lot of time dwelling on my diagnosis and pitying myself. I was living by the stupid YOLO lifestyle and indulging too much to try and block out the hand I was dealt. I strayed away from the safe and loving path where God, my friends and my family are to help make "my time" special and worthwhile. 
      Today I found grace when I spoke with 80 kids about the reality of this disease and how it impacts not only me but thousands of others. They welcomed me with open arms and are dedicated to raising money for ALS. They showed compassion, grace and humor. Time well spent. Grace refilled.

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