Tuesday, June 9, 2015


       How many times has Batman saved the day? He's defeated some of the most ruthless bad guys movie goers have ever seen time and time again. As awesome as Batman is he can't come and save the day when my leg is locked up in bed and feels like someone has my knee in a vice at 3am. Batman can't come help me transfer to and from the couch when I want to be free of my wheelchair. Batman can't make sure a coffee cup is ready to go every morning at the Keurig, or that the lawn is mowed, groceries in the fridge, floors are vacuumed, oil is changed in the cars, the dog is fed and taken care of, the laundry is done. Batman can't help me get dressed and look awesome everyday. 
      Batman doesn't stand next to me at my weakest and make me feel as strong as Thor. Batman doesn't constantly motivate me to keep pushing, to keep fighting off the bullshit ALS deals us. Batman doesn't comfort me when I can't handle the pain this disease brings. Batman doesn't stay steadfast in faith to help build my preserverance and solidify my hope. Batman can't do any of these things, but Michelle can. Michelle is my hero. Michelle is who I look up to, who I strive to impress, who I idolize and respect. Michelle shows me such Grace that inspires me to be courageous, to be steadfast in Christ, and to keep fighting. 

She's the Best Thing. 

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