Thursday, July 16, 2015


      There was a lot of drama attached to last night's Espy Awards and to be honest I didn't watch any of it. What I did watch was Stuart Scott's speech from last year's award show when he strongly and proudly discussed his mortality that he was soon to encounter due to his cancer. "When you die that doesn't mean you lost to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live." He delivered this quote with such poise that I remember yelling out, "hell yeah," and startling Michelle. I've been trying to live my life by this motto ever since I heard Stuart say it. I too am in a place where I have to face my mortality. ALS is terminal. Terminal doesn't mean I will stop swinging punches, even if my hands have trouble making fists. Terminal doesn't mean I will stop hugging and squeezing my nephews, even when my biceps are getting weaker. Terminal doesn't mean I will stop having fun. I won't give up on the White Sox. I won't stop drinking beer. I won't stop teaching. I won't stop being sarcastic and silly with people. I won't quit.
      I'm not going to lose to ALS, I've already won. I know Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins which means I've already got my ticket punched for the greatest destination imaginable. Thus, I'm going to keep living my life in a manner that's worth fighting for, love those around me that give me strength, and praise God for the blessings he showers me with. 
      I encourage all of you to live this way too, regardless of what obstacles or disease you might be facing. Embrace the life you have and those around you, because we're winning.

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