Sunday, February 14, 2016

Band of Brothers

    On this snowy Valentines Day, this day of love, Chelle has her flowers, we're getting take out and enjoying a nice fire, but I'm not thinking of romance, I'm thinking about brotherly love.
    This war that I'm fighting against ALS is a grueling one. I'm in the trenches every moment of every day. In the trenches with me are some brothers that need recognition. Brendan, Kamm, Tim and Adam are decorated soldiers in this fight. 
     Brendan is my right hand man. My driver, beer orderer, bathroom attendant, the man has seen things I'm sure he wishes he hasn't but stands strong right next to me in the most embarrassing of times. 
    Kamm, a man of few words, but not when he's with me. Kamm is my trusted adviser. "Does this hat look tight?" "What beer should we get?" "Can you make the playlist for the party?" "How do I tell my family I have a terminal disease?" He always knows what to say, how to guide my actions so that I come out looking good and when I need a pick me up. He has been here from day one.
    Tim, a man of extensive knowledge, though 5 years my junior the man provides research and support constantly. In house dentist visits, up-to-date ALS research, even shoulder rubs, the guy is my medic in the trenches. He's always there for a good laugh and keeps my spirits high.
    Adam, a brick shit house, towering over me at 6'5", is my muscle. He fixes the numerous things I can't, creates accommodations on the fly and can lift and toss me anywhere I might need to go that my wheelchair won't go. Not to mention he brings an intimidation factor to my entourage.
    This band of brothers is a crew that shows up time and time again. They don't need to show up but they do anyway. I love them for that and I truly appreciate them. Cheers brothers.

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  1. Thanks guys, we all love Kris but you show it in ways I never could.