Friday, December 30, 2016

Breathtaking Moments

     Life showcases many breathtaking moments throughout our time spent on God's great Earth. Holding a newborn baby is breathtaking. Watching your favorite baseball team win a World Series is breathtaking. Passing a challenging test, your first kiss, hearing your favorite song at just the right moment, buying your first home, these are breathtaking moments. Watching your bride walk down the aisle, staying up all night to watch the sunrise over the water, breathtaking. Watching your child grow into an awesome adult, watching families grow, keeping lifelong friends close, that's breathtaking.
     I personally have experienced a numerous amount of these moments in my life time. I continue to experience them thanks to the amazing support system around me. However, we with ALS experience literal breath taking moments that honestly scare the shit out of us. As I've said many times in this blog, ALS attacks everything we rely on in our bodies. ALS tried to take my breath away with pneumonia and in fact succeeded in taking my friend Dan's breath away for good with pneumonia just a few months back. Many of us use breathing machines in some capacity to keep our breaths from being taken away. I wear a bi-pap machine as I sleep so I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll stop breathing while I dream. Michelle knows more about lungs and how the respiratory system works then she ever thought she would have to. I have adopted suction machines, oxygen tanks, cough assists,and nebulizers, "just in case." Another friend of mine with ALS just got a tracheostomy put in because he got fed up with fighting for every breath.
     We take for granted breathtaking moments all the time. We also take our bodies and health for granted every single day, that is until something goes wrong. God created some of the most amazing living and breathing organisms that we could ever imagine. Our beautiful pets breathe, our children, the beautiful plants and wild animals in our environment. By God's Grace we wake every morning, open our eyes, take a deep breath in, and experience breathtaking moments God has created in our lives. Don't pity those that experience these breathtaking moments differently than you, but surely give thanks to God's Grace that you don't have to worry about breathing.

West side of Washington Island, WI. Breathtaking.

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